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Dexion Type Racking Systems

First Storage offers racking for commercial and industrial use. These Dexion racking systems include, pallet racking, drive in racking, tyre racking, cantilever racking and push backing racking. Pallet racking consists of frames and beams in various strengths according to the application required. Mini racking is made up of three main components, namely frames, beams and decking, using either timber or steel materials. This type of racking system is ideal for food, retail and motor companies that would utilize this system in their stockrooms.

Racking systems are necessary to maximize storage capacity, improve accessibility and enables the user to store heavier items at their convenience. Racking is ideal for a variety of industries for the storing of light and heavy items and are designed with various beam and frame sizes, depending on what the racks will hold. Industrial warehouses incorporate this type of racking for bulk storage and commercial businesses may utilize a racking storage unit for smaller items, such as tyres or steel frames.

Our Dexion racking is tested and certified by the CSIR. Dexion is known to provide increased strength.

Incorporating packing benches, decking, safety barriers, garage storage and safety signage.




FRAMES: Height: 2.4 -6m | Depth: 750,900,1200m


BEAMS: Width: 2134, 2438, 2743m | Weight: 1-3 tones per pair


DECKS: Pine Decks





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