Pallet Racking

Pallet Rack


Heavy-duty = Pallet racking and long span shelving Mini rack = Freezer racking and short span shelving



FRAME HEIGHTS 2134mm, 2438mm, 3048mm, 3353mm, 3658mm, 4200mm


610mm, 762mm, 912mm, 1067mm, 1219mm

Boxed Beams

    Medium Duty Heavy Duty
Length QTY Max Load Per Pair Max Load Per Pair
1524mm 2 1300kg 2200kg
1828mm 2 1050kg 1800kg
2134mm 2 1100kg 1600kg
2436mm 2 1400kg 1600kg
2748mm 2 1700kg 2000kg
3046mm 2 1550kg 2000kg
3353mm 2 1400kg 2000kg

Timber Shelves

(25mm Thick to fit onto beams)

 L x D L x D  L x D  L x D 
1524mm x 610mm 1524mm x 762mm 1524mm x 914mm 1524mm x 1219mm
1828mm x 610mm 1828mm x 762mm 1828mm x 914mm 1828mm x 1219mm
2134mm x 610mm 2134mm x 762mm 2134mm x 914mm 2134mm x 1219mm
2436mm x 610mm 2436mm x 762mm 2436mm x 914mm 2436mm x 1219mm
2748mm x 610mm 2748mm x 762mm 2748mm x 914mm 2748mm x 1219mm
3046mm x 610mm 3046mm x 762mm 3046mm x 914mm 3046mm x 1219mm
3353mm x 610mm 3353mm x 762mm 3353mm x 914mm 3353mm x 1219mm

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