Assembly of the First Pallet Racking System is simple, robust and ingenious. The connectors of the beams attach to the uprights which have punched perforations.


Uprights are creased six times cold-rolled, so raising the yield point and specially designed connector studs. Specially designed connector studs distribute the load evenly thus reducing stress on the perforations. All components are made from Graded Steel.


Locking-pins and mechanism guard against accidental raising of the beams by forklift and the beams are finished in safety orange.


All components are coated in epoxy powder and baked in an oven to give high quality scratch-resistant surface

LongspanLong Span Racking 

Longspan racking or shelving systems incorporate End Frames, Clip-in Beams, Timber or Steel Shelf Decks.

Ideally suited for the storage of large bulk items that cannot be stored in conventional Angle Shelving as well as for fridge or freezer room applications.

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Pallet RackPallet Racking

Pallet racking consists of two main components, frames & beams in various strengths according to the application required.

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Pallet RackCantilever Racking

Purpose made heavy duty and medium duty Cantilever Racking.

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